Mosquito Control Notice

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Saunders Point Citizens Association was recently informed that we have been chosen to receive a Clean Up & Green Up Maryland Grant for our neighborhood median as part of the State’s Keep Maryland Beautiful Program.  

This grant was awarded to encourage community groups and non-profit organizations statewide to promote neighborhood cleanliness and beautification by increasing litter removal, greening activities, community education and citizen stewardship.

2004 Beach Restoration Plan
As you know, Hurricane Isabel did substantial damage to our Community beach, damaging the jetties and destroying the Community waterfront deck at the end of Stuart Road during September 2003. Our waterfront deck was repaired in the Spring of 2004, but the Community beach remains eroded and significantly reduced from its pre-Isabel width today.
In the aftermath of Hurricane Isabel, Jerry Oosterhous (then-president of the Association) worked with outside contractors and the State of Maryland to develop a plan that would stabilize and restore our Community beach. Beach restoration would increase recreational opportunities for the entire Community and provide protection for our waterfront Community property from future erosion. The amenities provided by our Community access to the Chesapeake Bay and a beach increases the value of each property in Saunders Point.
Briefly, the plan was to establish a special taxing district, which would the enable the Commnunity to apply for a State interest-free loan for the construction of off-shore breakwaters and beach sand replenishment resulting in a beach approximately 850' long extending outward 100' from the present shoreline. The interest-free loan would be repaid through a tax levied by the special taxing district added to the property taxes for each property owner in Saunders Point.
In order to proceed with the project, the first step is to establish a special taxing district, a basic requirement of which is that more than 50% of the property owners must formally agree.
See current shoreline loss due to erosion
See Existing Beach Area and the Scope of the Project
See the proposed Offshore Breakwaters and Beach
See What a typical Offshore Breakwater looks like
See the projected costs of the project
This proposed beach restoration plan was a two phase project. Phase I extended from the beginning of the Community beach at the end of Stuart Road to a point approximately 425'northwest along the shoreline in front of Lots 4 and 5 Block A. Phase II extended from the end of Phase I to the northern end of the Community beach. A State interest-free loan in 2004 would have cost each property owner approximately $85.00 per year for 15 years.

Community Well Water Update
According to the information provided to the Association by the County Health Department, they had tested 13 wells for arsenic by the end of June and 9 were confirmed to have excess of 9 ppb. A few additional wells have been tested since then but we do not have the results yet. The County has forwarded this information on to the Maryland Department of the Environment to see their guidance. The level of arsenic in the wells testing positive ranged from 12 to 50 ppb. Until recently this was considered safe. The current"maximum contaminant level" (MCL) is 10 ppb.
If anyone is concerned, they should have their water tested. It's not expensive. The lab in Parole will do it for $35 if you take a quart to their office. A list of State certified laboratories follows.

Environmental Testing
108 Old Solomons Island Road #L2
(Behind the Ethan Allen Store)
Annapolis, MD 21401

Water Testing
5 Riggs Road
Severna Park, MD 21146
410-269-7755Mets Lab
Smallwood Village Center
Waldorf, MD 20602
1- 800-604-1995Chesapeake Environmental
P.O. 946
Stevensenville, MD 21666

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Help Keep Saunders Point Beautiful
Community Cleanup & Beautification Day coming soon! We will be mulching the playground,and planting native plants and perennials in the median area. Service Learning Hours will be available. email Nicole at for more information on how you can help.